The Path to Power

The Priest/ess’s Path to Power

  • Power means “power to”, not “power over”, specifically, power to serve people and the rest of creation, not power over them.
  • The Priest/ess is the channel, not the source, of power.
  • The more power you spend, the more will flow through you.
  • Power comes from living in a sacred manner, in right relationship to the people and other beings (including things) around you.
  • Spiritual power, like physical strength, is best acquired gradually, by regular practice, and will atrophy if not used.
  • A Priest/ess of the Old Religion withdraws from the world to seek strength and illumination, but then returns to the world to share with others what s/he has learned.
  • The consecration of a Priest/ess marks the beginning of the real learning, in which the needs of those s/he is serving call forth unsuspected knowledge and force her or him to stretch and grow.
  • The Priest/ess is always searching for more knowledge: reading, meditating, learning from spiritual leaders of other traditions.
  • The Priest/ess leads by example, not compulsion (physical, legal or psychological).