The Studentia consist of the enrolled students and candidates of Collegium. It is the “student body” of Collegium.

There are three terms for members of Studentia:

  • until your official enrollment in Collegium: Applicant
  • during the course of your studies in Collegium: Student or Trainee
  • when your Guide proposes you for consecration: Candidate

Members of the Studentia are expected to be in attendance at all Collegium classes in order to take advantage of the opportunity to fulfill some of the academic requirements of Collegium.

Attendance at Collegium classes also presents the opportunity to become acquainted with members of Conclave with whom the student may have little other contact. Members of Studentia are encouraged to make suggestions and to communicate their opinions and ideas to Conclave, by personal contact, by letter, or on the Collegium e-list.

The Studentia may also choose to meet outside of Collegium classes for extended discussion or to provide a student support group, etc.