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Welcome to Moonweavers!

We are a pagan circle for women, gathering together to serve the Goddess, to celebrate, sing, and do magic. Out of our kinship we strive to empower each other with growth and wisdom. All races, ages, and conditions of devotion are honored. With clarification and harmony we will walk in balance. Each of us has skills to teach and all can share in the learning.

All participants voluntarily agree to abide by the Circle Guidelines.

We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Meetings begin at 7:30 PM, and the circle will be cast at 8:00. The Goddess will always be invoked, and the God may be invoked as necessary.

We are sisters in the Circle but we work in different ways. Please be sensitive to different needs and styles before and during a ritual. Some may need space, or touch, or stillness, or song, or dance. Respect the differences among all the magical selves and iclude them, because they are all needed to complete the circle. Enter the circle with perfect love and perfect trust, having worked through the personal difficulties beforehand, if necessary.

To ensure a safe and trusting environment, confidentiality is a must. What comes out in our circle, stays in our circle. Also, please respect the privacy of each member’s choice to participate–not everyone is out of the broom closet!

The circle manifests cyclic energy. This holy time and sacred space are separate from the world and continuous with all other circles. The circle is an animate universe between the worlds that we empower by our agreement.


  • Leave your mundane self and earthly business outside the circle, and enter with your magical self.
  • Be aware of the flow of the circle’s energy, work with it and keep it harmonious.
  • After the circle is cast, if you must cross the boundary, remember to cut yourself our and back in.
  • Share respect, tact, and love with everybody and everything in the circle.
  • To help maintain the focus and concentration of the ritual, keep silence except when Truth wishes to speak through you.
  • Speak only Truth in the circle, and your magical affirmations will have the force of that Truth.
  • Meet everyone’s magical self as if for the first time, remembering that we have been partners since life began.

The Priestess channels the Goddess in the circle. Help her:

  • Watch her, listen to her, and follow her.
  • Empower her and the ritual by your participation: ritual is not a spectator sport! Feed your energy and visualizations into the circle through her.
  • Put objections aside, and save criticisms until the circle has been taken down. If you cannot go along with what is occurring, leave the circle by cutting yourself out while being considerate of others and avoiding disrupting the energy. If possible, leave before the circle is cast.

Ritual objects are invested with power and should be treated with respect. A person’s tools, musical instruments, and jewelry are private and should not be touched without permission, especially anything wrapped, sheathed, or boxed.

Thanks to all the women who have been in our circle, past and present. We love you. Blessed Be!

— Cedar